• The almadaniat rule for teaching writing

    1 x $ 254,00

  • The almadaniat rule for teaching writing

    1 x $ 254,00

Computerized Curriculum

● In line with the school's vision, mission and goals, Alaliya School is interested in computerizing all the curricula in an attractive and interesting manner.

● The computerization process also includes accompanying supplementary curricula and programs to cater for talented and challenged students.

• The process of computerization of curricula serves to change the traditional teaching styles, a thing which gives the educational process dimensions of entertainment that turns the learning process into a thrilling one where students can be motivated to study and aspire for excellence.

● Despite our interest in technology and computing, the professionals  at Alaliya School pay special attention to writing skills, especially in the early stages, and keep in mind that the technology will not serve to undermine the students' writing skills.

● Through School Web Site(Visit Our Site), the student and the parents can access all computerized curricula.

• Computerized curricula are provided through the projectors and smart boards and as well as learning resources.

Our Message

ريادة الجيل الجديد من التعليم..ليس من باب التقنيات المطورة فحسب بل تعزيزا للاخلاق والصحة وتصحيحا للعقيدة والقيم