• The almadaniat rule for teaching writing

    1 x $ 254,00

  • The almadaniat rule for teaching writing

    1 x $ 254,00

Curriculum Accompanying

  • The curriculum is a curriculum that helps to enrich the educational process and the cultural outcome of the student and includes the following:

  • The Quran includes:

    • Preserving ten parts divided by the number of chapters for the base
    • Recitation Twenty parts.
    • There is a remote test with certified certificates from the Prophet's Mosque.

    Tajweed includes:

    • Book (masterpiece of children) saved or received with a simplified explanation, which is a certain system easy to adjust the provisions of Tajweed.

    Religious Education:

    • The study of a brief note tree of the pillars of faith and the six branches; instilling in the student the love of God and His Messenger peace be upon him and his religion, and strengthen his faith.
    • The introductory level in the modern and planned rings of the Prophet's Mosque in the city of Prophet (partnership with them) is a carefully selected conversations in the literature and literature.

    Arabic :

    • Study the memo of ambulance to the students of the foundation: to the professor Abu Erwa Khalid (Master of Arabic language); to refine the student in: reading, writing, spelling and improvement of the line, and used to the defaulters.
    • Al-Nuranic rule: It is an innovative and powerful way of teaching reading to children and is applied to the Prophet's Mosque and others.


    • Studying a Smart Class curriculum and a globally accredited curriculum by Macmillan Education of the UK; coupled with interactive online courses.


    The accompanying curriculum consists of two parts:
    • Department of enrichment: a section that supports the student and the disclosure of his potential through the solution of the memorandum of his own.
    • Therapeutic section: It is a note containing a treatment program for the affected and used when needed.


  • A seven-level study of the International Computer Driving License (ICDL). The course includes a series entitled Come to learn the computer and the Internet by Prof. Abdullah Al-Mousa, a series consisting of six levels in addition to the preparatory level.
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