• The almadaniat rule for teaching writing

    1 x $ 254,00

  • The almadaniat rule for teaching writing

    1 x $ 254,00

School News

Training course

Training course to develop the team and improve its capabilities to deal with the smart board.

good news

Honorable brothers and generous sisters are partners in the educational process The school administration promises you to activate the school website and Fahim system to communicate with you We would like to thank you for entering the school website to follow up on the situation. You are very appreciative.

Activating WhatsApp groups for all grades

We believe in the importance of communication in the educational process, and that the long disruption has negatively affected our students, so the school administration decided to activate WhatsApp groups first through short videos and papers presented to students, asking God for success and repayment. .

Beginning of the academic year 2021, God willing

According to the ministry’s calendar, tomorrow, Monday, 1/2, will be the first day of the new school year, asking that it be a good year and a result.

Our Message

ريادة الجيل الجديد من التعليم..ليس من باب التقنيات المطورة فحسب بل تعزيزا للاخلاق والصحة وتصحيحا للعقيدة والقيم